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Nineveh Fc Enters New BDFL League 2017/18

Ninevehfc enters a new amateur league with Birmingham & District Football League For 2017/18. The club won the previous BDFL  competitions and it is looking to replicate.

Nineveh Fc Wins Premier Division League 2016/17

The  2016/17 was a year that will never be forgotten in the history of Nineveh FC, because it is our first year in the Birmingham County FA league. 

A Season That Makes A Difference For Nineveh

Nineveh won every tournament in which it entered, namely the Birmingham FA Division One, Birmingham FA cup and Sandwell Premier league. 

Strategic Minds Behind The Logistics

The Club Officials are very much focused on achieving the set target in order to move on to the next stage in their develpment program.

Nineveh Football Club will be holding its first Award and Fundraising Dinner. Come and join us grace this occasion. You are all welcome!

Latest News

Nineveh FC Wins The Leeds Annual Football Tournament

Nineveh Fc becomes the champion of the Leeds Annual Football Tournament, 2016. They also won "the best team" of the tournament. 


You can find full story by clicking the button below, or visit our facebook page for more stories. 

The Manager's Post Match Comments Expressing The Club's Achievement

The Team Manager, Mr Abraham Saidy, praised his team for the brilliant display they've shown thoughout the whole tournament. Read full story by clicking on the button below or visit our facebook page for more stories.

Team Coach Explains Why The Club Maintains It's Front Foot In All Competitions

The Team Coach, Mr Haggi Drammeh, expressed how hard they've worked for this achievement. The carefully crafted system they put in place is deffinitely paying off. Get more information by clicking the button below or visit our facebook page for more stories.

Nineveh FC Joins The Birmingham County FA 7s League.

Nineveh FC joined the The Birmingham County FA 7s League. Sky is the limit for Nineveh FC, after winning the GRAB annual tournament in 2015, the club has taken another step to climb the ladder in contesting in various leagues in other to announce their presence and talents with the hope of getting themselves in the highest league in the country, starting with the Birmingham County FA 7s League.


Nineveh FC has so far played two games, and has won one and drawn one. The team is very optimistic in winning the league, and the players are very excited in joining this league. Games will be played every Wednesday. They are currently in third place place in the league table with three points behind the leaders. 

Nineveh FC Run Riot Against Roots FC.


The Friendly match between Nineveh Fc and Roots Fc was an eye watering encounter. The match started on a promising high for Roots Fc, when in the opening 10 minutes had a penalty which was cleverly dispatch beyond the mighty Nineveh Fc goalie.


Roots Fc goal reinvegorated Nineveh Fc. An immediate response came when Ninveveh Fc's striker headed in the equaliser. In the mid point of the first half, Nineveh Fc Mastreo Yusupha Ceesay took charged, mesmerised and Neutralised the entire Mid-field and defence of the Roots Fc team, they had no response but brought him down in the 18 yard box and a penalty was awarded, which was clearly and masterly converted by Ninveveh Fc's skipper (Ansu Saidy).


The second half, the match resumed with even more intense and urgency from Ninveveh Fc. Roots Fc Mounted some presume but the relilience of the Nineveh Fc defence made it difficult for the Roots Fc's forward, and in the 63rd minute, Musa headed in and scored the third goal for Nineveh Fc.

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Nineveh vs Matusini FC

Nineveh FC are taking on Matusini Fc in a friendly match. Nineveh Fc remains unbeaten since 2014, Nineveh Fc recently beat Amical FC Birmingham to extend their unbeaten run. This will be another tough game for both teams. More news to follow.



Nineveh FC beat Amical FC by 3 goals to 0.

It was a fantastic display of both teams, but Nineveh FC were brilliant in the game and came out with full strength to score three fantastic goals. Amical FC were not able to threaten the Nineveh FC defence during the whole game. Full match report to follow.



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Nineveh FC v.s Amical FC Birmingham

IA test match has been scheduled between Nineveh FC and Amical FC. Nineveh FC are looking to continue their unbeaten run since 2014, against a well organised Cameroonian team.

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Nineveh Fc thrash Guinea United in a 4 - 0 thriller.

Nineveh Fc Vs Guinea United was the second game of Nineveh Fc during the GRAB organised Birmingham Cultural Weekend at Castle Vale. Read More..



Nineveh Fc beat Lee Henry Fc 4 - 3 to reach semis.

The  first match was between Nineveh Fc vs Lee Henry Fc of Castle Vale, which kicked off at 14:00. The Match started with good display from both teams.Read More..


Champions of the GRAB's 2015 football Tournament.

Nineveh Fc became the champion of the GRAB annual football tournament 2015. Read More..

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Visit our gallery page to see the players in action, celebrations and warm ups. Go.


Lee Henry FC vs Nineveh FC


The GRAB Football Tournament took place on the 01st August 2015 at the Castle vale stadium in the west Midlands.  It was a very colourful and excited Tournament , featuring teams from different places and drawn from different backgrounds and ethnicity.

The  first match was between Nineveh Fc vs Lee Henry Fc of Castle Vale, which kicked off at 14:00. The Match started with good display from both teams.

Unfortunately for Nineveh Fc, Lee Henry Fc were the better side during the first 10 minutes of the game, they were comfortable with their passing and movement on and off the ball, and in the 12th minutes Nineveh FC’S Defender Chicko recklessly foul Lee Henry striker in the 18 yard and the referee without hesitation point to the penalty spot, and the ball was masterly converted beyond the reach of Nineveh  the Fc’s tall and agile  goalie Coodler. Read More..

Nineveh FC vs Guinea United

Nineveh Fc Vs Guinea United was the second game of Nineveh Fc during the GRAB organised Birmingham Cultural Weekend at Castle Vale. The Match stated with real fanfare and both set of players from both team exhibited amazing skills. Nineveh Fc Started with real intend When in the 9th minute of the match Ansu Saidy picked the ball from the midfield left  and immediately send a sublime and delicious cross to Yusuf Ceesay,  who calmly slotted the ball pass the Guinea United goalkeeper.

Immediately after the first goal , Guinea United regrouped and made some fantastic moves, especially in the 15th Minute, when their skipper collected a well-placed through ball from their No 6, but unfortunately for the Guinean,  Nineveh FC”s rock defence of Ousainou and Yusupha Jawara spotted the danger and cleared the ball to safety. Read More..

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Roots FC suffer a thumping defeat against Nineveh FC in a thrilling Friendly match.


Nineveh FC will be playing in Birmingham's one day annual tournament against six teams in. The tournament will be held at the castle vale mini stadium, in Birmingham. Please come out and see young talented players in action.