Nineveh FC Wins The Birmingham & District Football's Premier Divesion League 2017

It is an achievement that boost the marale of the team and officials. We are now looking to elevate our performance in bigger leagues. 

BDFL Premier Division League Champions 2017

Nineveh Football club are treble Champions of the 2016/17 Birmingham County FA competition.


The  2016/17 was a year that will never be forgotten in the history of Nineveh FC, because it is our first year in the Birmingham County FA league. Nineveh Football participated in three different competition organised by the Birmingham County FA.


The 2016/17 season will be remembered as a year in which Nineveh won every tournament in which it entered, namely the Birmingham FA Division One, Birmingham FA cup and Sandwell Premier league. 


The Birmingham County FA Cup was competed for by fourteen (14) teams. Nineveh FC won all its games enroute to the finals. The finals between Nineveh FC and Naija was played on Friday, the 5th May 2017 at the Birmingham City Football grounds known as St Andrews Stadium. It was attended by dignitaries from the Birmingham County FA, prominent and distinguished personalities from the Gambian Community.


The finals began with high tempo from both teams, the Nineveh midfield in particular where very combative and fought hard for every loose ball. Both teams were determined to win and in the 15th minutes Nineveh’s Kisima Sibe scored given Nineveh FC the lead. But Nineveh’s lead was short lived when in the 20th minute Naija’s  influential captain scored as a result of a defence lapse from the Nineveh defence. 


Half Time

The game went to half time at one goal apiece. The game resumed in the same intensity as the first half, and the resumption of the second half rejuvenated the Nineveh team as the crowd kept encouraging the players through singing and dancing. The high support of Nineveh fans yielded a result when in the 48th minute Nineveh’s combative  and hard tackling midfield general Omar Kanteh slotted a perfect header from a deliciously delivered ball from Nineveh’s skilful maestro Yusuf Ceesay. Again in the 59th minute Naija scored from a controversial penalty.


The game was decided by a penalty shootout which Nineveh won by five goals to three. Preceding penalty was a two all score line. Nineveh FC where crowned the 2017 Champions of the Birmingham County FA Cup after a hard fought game with Naija Football Club.


In general Nineveh have a fantastic season and we are looking forward to a better season in 2017/18 year. Since our formation Nineveh Football Club have been making progress at an unprecedented level and this has been proven by our success in various competitions and tournaments we participate in.


Nineveh is and will always be a force to be reckoned with for our conviction to win every time we entered any Competition or Tournament is obvious. 

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