2016 Has Seen Nineveh Fc Become Champions Again.

2016 Cup Winners

Nineveh Fc has become champions again. After winning the GRAB annual footbal tournament in 2015, the team has yet again grab another trophy this year, winning the "Leeds annual football tournament" 2016. Nineveh Fc became the best team of the tournament. It was a brilliant display from the team.  


Nineveh Fc vs Leeds

Nineveh FC started their game brilliantly, they played against Leeds United Fc, Nineveh had more of the ball and chances are created but they were unable to convert them. Both teams fail to score in the first half, Leeds managed to get only one shot on target during the first half, Nineveh had four shots on target  but could not beat the keeper.

Nineveh Fc vs Leeds

The second half was a very different game, Leeds United were totally lost in the game, Nineveh keep pressing them in their own half., Leeds United were frustrated by the magnificient display of the Nineveh Fc players. Musa Samajari end up scoring the first goal to break the dead lock. Nineveh went ahead with one goal to nil.

Leeds vs Nineveh FC

Certainly, Nineveh Fc's second half tactical changes has paid off thanks to the Manager and his team. The team continue to progress in the second half, Their opponents finds it very hard to contain them. The second goal arrived when Bullie Ceesay striked at Leeds United's near post, that left the keeper stranded and not being able to make any save.


Muhammed Jallow scored the third goal for Nineveh Fc, to see his team lead by three goals to nil. It was great performance from both teams but Nineveh Fc was the best team to watch. Nineveh Fc will proceed to their next game with their famous rival, Roots FC.

Nineveh Fc Team Talk

Nineveh Fc started their second game with Roots Fc. Roots Fc has experience series of humiliating defeats from Nineveh Fc, however, Roots Fc cautiously came into the match. Both teams played very well, Nineveh Fc created chances but failed to convert them. Roots Fc came up with a defensive formation, but none the less, Nineveh went on creating chance after chance but still failed to score. The first half ended goaless, both teams went for the break. Roots Fc failed to have a shot on target throughout the first half.


Both teams made changes during half time, in the first 10 minutes of the first half, Nineveh made it very difficult for Roots. Nineveh had 65% percent possesion of the ball in their opponents half. eventually, the match ended with a draw, both teams failed to score, but again, Nineveh were the best team.

Nineveh Fc went into knockout stages where they beat the Guinean team by a goal to nil. Winning that game saw Nineveh progressed to semi final. Nineveh Fc played against old hands, this was also a difficult game for Nineveh, because old hands were quick to register their first goal in the first half. The coach knew if they lost this game, they will out of the competition. Both teams made changes at half time, Kissima then scored for Nineveh Fc in the second half. 


Both Nineveh and Old hands tried for a second goal, but the game ended with a draw. Nineveh end up winning on penalties thrashing old hands out of the competition. 

The final was between Ninveh Fc and Manchester Fc, both teams started the game perfectly. Manchester Fc made it difficult for Nineveh Fc in the first half, pressing them high up in their final third. Nineveh Fc find it very difficult to defend the chances Manchester Fc were creating, and it saw them take the lead in the first half. 


Manchester went into the second half with a one goal lead, both teams share the possesion of the ball, wih few minutes left to conclude the game, Nineveh Fc's manager made a crucial change by sending their central defender (Bubacarr) to play upfront. This decision eventually paid off. Bubacarr converted a cross to score for Nineveh Fc. Now both teams need a goal ahead to win the match. After a hard fought battle between the two teams, the match ended with a draw. Penalties have to be taken to settle the match. Nineveh Fc end up beating Manchester Fc on penalties to win the final. Final score (NFC 5:4 MFC).

Manager - Janko Saidy

We're very delighted with our team's performance. Our team shown a very high level of descipline thoughout the entire tournament. We've dominated most of our games, but we've also experienced difficult games and we've learned from. Surely we will take positives on board in order avoid similar difficulties in our future games. One of our player also surrered an injury on his knee, we are yet to assess his situation to know the extend of the injury. 

i think fans were absolutely amazing, we could not have done this without their support. We want to thank them for their wonderful support as well as the players and management staff.

Team Coach - Haggi

We've worked very hard for this achievement. I am very pleased with the performance the players have shown today, and i would like this continue. We won the tournament without conceiding a defeat. We've worked on various aspects on training ground and i can see that it has difinitely paid off. The team is full of youngsters and they have a very bright future ahead of them. Nineveh Fc was the best team in the whole tournament, and i am glad we are going home with the trophy. A massive thank you to the fans for their lovely support, everyone was amazing. Seeing the team performed the way they perform today, really gives me the assurances that we are definitely improving. This is our second trophy in a row. Last year, we won the trophy with a similar performance. So yes, I am extremely happy for this ahievement. A massive thank you to everyone . 

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Nineveh FC will be playing in Birmingham's one day annual tournament against six teams in. The tournament will be held at the castle vale mini stadium, in Birmingham. Please come out and see young talented players in action.