Nineveh FC v Guinea United

Nineveh Fc Vs Guinea United was the second game of Nineveh Fc during the GRAB organised Birmingham Cultural Weekend at Castle Vale. The Match stated with real fanfare and both set of players from both team exhibited amazing skills. Nineveh Fc Started with real intend When in the 9th minute of the match Ansu Saidy picked the ball from the midfield left  and immediately send a sublime and delicious cross to Yusuf Ceesay,  who calmly slotted the ball pass the Guinea United goalkeeper.

Immediately after the first goal , Guinea United regrouped and made some fantastic moves, especially in the 15th Minute, when their skipper collected a well-placed through ball from their No 6, but unfortunately for the Guinean,  Nineveh FC”s rock defence of Ousainou and Yusupha Jawara spotted the danger and cleared the ball to safety.

In the 18th Minute Nineveh Fc capitalised on a defensive mistake by the Guineans, and again Nineveh Fc’s talismanic and versatile playmaker Yusupha, punished them with his second goal of the Match.

The first half ended with 2 goals to Nineveh and Nil for Guinea United

The second half resumed with high tempo, Nineveh Fc showed determination to add to their 2 goals and on the other hand the Guineans wanted to spoil the party for Nineveh Fc and in the 7th Minute, Nineveh’s commanding goalie (Coodler) made a remarkable save that send the whole crowd on their feet, In fact that save was voted safe of the Tournament.

In the 14th Minute a good passing movement came from the Guineans again Nineveh Fc defence who were constantly heroic, stood to the test of the Guineans and the game at that point remains as it was in the First half. Immediately after the Guineans lost an opportunity to score, Nineveh’s best defender of the day Ousainou pick the ball and dribbled swiftly, and in the process exhibited some brilliant skills right into the heart of the Guinea defence and set up the Nineveh Striker Musa Samajareh, who expertly slotted the ball in the back of the net for his 3rd goal of the tournament.

At 3 nil up, Nineveh Fc introduced two players Lamin Minteh, and Skipper Yusupha Saidykan,  to replace Musa Samajareh and Ansu Saidy, the substitutions added impetus to the game with Lamin Minteh and Yusupha providing calmness and maturity in the midfield. Just as everyone in the Vale stadium though the game will end as 3 goals to Nil, in the 22nd Minute Yusupha Ceesay scored his 3rd goal of the game and the match ended in 4 goals to Nineveh and Nil to Guinea United. All in all, the match was entertaining.

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